For 4 years, Act Tactical For Film (ATFF) has been the the go-to tactical training and hand-to-hand combat resource for actors and productions. Based in Atlanta, but traveling the country and doing courses in Washington DC, New Orleans, Wilmington, and Oklahoma City. Founded by former Police Officer Matt Clanton, ATFF specializes in training actors and filmmakers while providing related film services for the production industry with our newest team member, Coach Jason Croom, handling our Filipino martial arts for film.

Our alumni have performed in various capacities as principal actors, specialty skill performers, stunt performers/doubles, and background for the following projects: 

House of Cards

True Detective

NCIS: New Orleans

American Horror Story: Freakshow

The Hunger Games trilogy

The Walking Dead

Halt & Catch Fire


Fast 7

The Following



Prisoners, The Killing Floor 2 (videogame)

The 5th Wave