In addition to being the founder of Act Tactical for Film, Matt Clanton is also a Certified Instructor via Elite Defense Tactics in the discipline of the Israeli Self Defense system know ass "Krav Maga." We encourage all of our students to train in reality-based self defense for use off-camera and off set. Seeing as some sets can be in isolated areas after hours, this training is ideal for a film professional to keep themselves safe.

These Krav Maga courses are offered in a weekly format, seminar format, and in private lessons. Weekly courses are in Griffin, GA every Tuesday and Thursday 7p - 8p. Private lessons can be customized to the student and instructors' schedules. Below is the flyer for our next Krav Maga Self Defense course in seminar format in Atlanta, GA.

For more information and history on EDT Krav Maga, please refer to the section at the bottom of this page.

Krav Maga is a Hebrew phrase that translates to "Contact Combat." The system was created and founded prior to World War 2 by a man by the name of Imi Lichtenfeld. His motivation for creating the system was so that "one may walk in peace." To read further about Imi's background and the history of the original system of Krav Maga, click the button below.

ATFF is proud to announce a new partnership with Elite Defense Tactics Krav Maga to teach real life street survival outside of film. Those outside of film are welcome to attend, but all actors are welcome to attend our Fighting & Knife Fighting for Camera courses to learn to safely/correctly apply these technqiues to camera.

This isn't your usual Krav Maga program, because unlike many others, this one involves parts of curriculum plucked from the actual Counter Terror school in Israel. This is for beginners all the way to martial artists wanting to learn something new. Though it's one day, we will be giving you tactically sound defensive techniques that work against a variety of attacks. These have been proven by Special Forces operators in a variety of incidents in Israel. 

The founder of EDT, Kevin Brown, is an active duty police officer, police defensive tactics instructor, firearms instructor, black belt in American karate, and a black belt in Krav Maga. Most of all, Kevin was my first true, original fighting mentor. In fact, training he gave ATFF Founder Matt Clanton when they first began training with Kevin in 2007 later saved Matt's life in 2009 while on patrol in a life-or-death fight with a violent felon.

Elite Defense Tactics’ Krav Maga program has been influenced by many different programs and instructor experiences. EDT has been influenced most by, but is not affiliated with, CT707 Israeli Special Forces Krav Maga as its Krav Maga system created by Nir Maman, the former head instructor for Counter Terror training in Israel. 

Because CT707 was born directly out of counter terrorism and special forces training developed specifically for the Israeli Defense Forces. This system has not only proven to be effective on the battlefield, but has since been adapted to the streets by Sergeant Major Nir Maman.

Training will cover the following, but will not be limited to:

•Situational Awareness & Preventative Measures

•Defenses against street attacks with...

-Empty hands

-Impact Weapons & Blunt Objects

-Edged & Stabbing Weapons

-Handguns, Rifles, and Shotguns

-Basic Ground Survival, plus Rape Defense for Women