Exerts from Cody's Resume:

Special Forces Candidate 2004-2006 JFKSWCS, Fort Bragg, NC

Successfully completed:
- SOPC, SFAS, SOPC II, PLDC/ BNCOC, SUT, SF Engineer MOS Training, Robin Sage, Korean SOLT, and SERE Level C
• Graduated from Infantry OSUT and Airborne School in 2004

Junior Engineer Sergeant 2006-2009 ODA 1136, C Co, 1-1 SFG (A), Torii Station, Okinawa, Japan

•Maintained accountability of over $2 million of team equipment on multiple deployments
• Planned, organized, and supervised deployment and redeployment of equipment.
• Maintained property books and operation funds for multiple deployments with zero loss

•Trained 12 team members on explosives multiple times, specifically door breaching charges and procedures.
• Trained and led 150 Iraqis on several combat missions in Iraq.

•Conducted over 30 airborne operations
• Trained in Reed Interrogation 
• Techniques, Dillon Aero M134 Mini Gun, and Gryphon Group Defensive/Offensive Driving Course

Senior Drill Sergeant 2009-2012 A Co 1-50 IN, Fort Benning, GA

• Primary trainer for 495 Infantry trainees in 1st Platoon
• Primary trainer for MACP and Urban Operations for A Co
• Planned created and coordinated training and supervised junior Drill Sergeants in execution of training
• Selected above 3500 peers to become a Drill Sergeant Leader at the USADSS at Fort Jackson, SC