Welcome to the Act Tactical for Film Online Training Center. The goal of this online training is to provide premium videos for students to purchase and download if they cannot make a regular scheduled class or private lesson. These videos are a great skill builder for actors, stunt performers, and prop assistants/masters that may not have much experience dealing with firearms on or off set. This is also a great refresher for those experienced in firearms looking to learn something new or understand how firearms work on camera or on set.

Please enjoy this free preview of the rifle handling portion located on this page.

Introduction to Firearms Handling for Actors


Introduction to Firearms Handling for Actors (Approximate Running Time: 41 minutes) - $50:

  • Firearms Safety Rules for On & Off Set

  • Fundamentals of Marksmanship and how they apply to camera

  • Fundamentals for Handling Handguns & Rifles

  • Bonus: Off site training with ATFF allowing you to send in videos of you practicing the above skills for instructor Matt Clanton to critique.

Once you have made your purchase, we will send you the video links as soon as possible by email.

We will be adding more videos soon including: Room/Structure Clearing, Reloading for Rifles & Handguns, Proper Equipment Use, Gun Disarming, and Krav Maga for Camera