To schedule sessions, please email us at and check our availability. Fees are listed at the bottom of this page.

The below training fees can be split/shared for up to FOUR students at a time. Each additional student over four will be pro-rated.

Training hours can be divided up into daily, weekly, or monthly training.

Training topics that can be covered:

  • Basic Firearms Safety/Fundamentals & Tactical Movement for Camera

  • Basic Fighting & Knife Fighting for Camera

  • Israeli Krav Maga for Camera

  • Israeli Tactical Knife Fighting for Camera

  • Intermediate/Advanced Firearms Techniques for Camera

  • Israeli Krav Maga for Self Defense

  • Firearms Training for Self Defense

  • Knife Defense & Edged Weapon Awareness for Self Defense

If you have any trouble with the registration portal, please email us at:

Atlanta, GA - Private Training

At-home lessons are available if needed for Atlanta. Otherwise, all lessons will be conducted at Higher Elevation Studio (3772 Pleasantdale Rd., Suite 130, Atlanta, GA 30340)

Atlanta, GA - Fees:

2-Hours: $150

4-Hours: $250

8-Hours: $400

16-Hours: $600