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Outside of film, Matt Clanton has a secondary company that focuses on real world self defense: Dynamic Combatives & Self Defense. The goal of DCSD is to teach the average person skills to prevent involvement in violent encounters and experiences.

About Matt Clanton

Former police officer, certified Israeli Krav Maga Instructor/Black Belt, Firearms Instructor

Focus of self defense and combatives training

-Legal and moral aspects surrounding self defense/use-of-force

-Adopting a survival mindset (situational awareness, risk management, threat management, crisis management)

-Basic striking focusing on vital targets (eyes, throat, groin, and knees).

-Use of designated self defense weapons and improvised weapons

-Defenses against common street attacks (from positions: standing, sitting, on the ground)

-Surviving a fight on the ground

-Defenses against grabs and holds used in abductions

-Weapon defenses, both preventative and reactive involving weapon disarming

This is not a sport based mixed martial arts or cage fighting style program. It’s to train folks from all walks of life how to prevent violent attacks and how to use physical techniques to get home safely when preventative measures fail.

Seminars, small groups, and private training are available.